Any attempt to gain unauthorized access to online College resources will be pursued, as applicable, under campus codes and state or federal law. The College encourages you to register your contact information — such as home, work, and cell phone numbers — so you will always have the information you need about closings, weather alerts and security in and around campus. He also said that the campus will continue to operate during this period and on-campus services will continue to be offered, including access to the college libraries. College Home Page:; Email: Sent to all students, faculty and staff; Phone Message: Call the main line (518) 629-4822; Social Media Sites: Facebook and Twitter; The college also posts through the School Closing Network, which includes announcements on local newspapers, TV and radio stations. Life Changing | Hudson County Community College was established in … The investment will be utilized for a program the College developed to address the challenges of the economic crisis in Hudson County … Ed. This service and the services to which it provides access are for authorized users only. Copyright ©