The destruction of the Unicomplex we observe is likely because that is where the Borg Queen controls the Borg; without her, it is likely to crumble. Every drone is equipped with a homing device and has the ability to as… Three days later, the Borg left Earth. The red star is my house: Each unimatrix has a queen, and of course their home base that Admiral Janeway destroys during the season finale of VOY has the top queen. In 2377, the Borg became aware of Unimatrix Zero when its interlink frequency and carrier band were found by the Borg Queen herself. In 2375, the Borg were contacted by a 29th century Borg drone. Again the cube was fired upon by the Enterprise. Then the Borg cube disengaged its tractor beam and left the Enterprise behind, resuming its course for sector 001. Although Janeway tried to convince Seven to go back she had no choice other to leave her when a force field was erected between them. Because the species in question was Species 5618, Humanity, Seven refused to cooperate. The Borg would need to work together to develop a weapon while escorting Voyager through their space. The Borg explained, by means of Seven of Nine, that they destroyed their vessel to protect Voyager. In turn for free passage of Voyager through their space, the Borg would gain their knowledge. The sphere attempted to achieve their outcome by firing on Zefram Cochrane's launch base in Montana where he was developing the Phoenix, the spaceship that historically performed the first warp-powered flight, subsequently bringing Earth to the attention of a passing Vulcan vessel. (VOY: "Dark Frontier"), The Borg attacked the Brunali homeworld for the third time. However, we know that this doesn't amount to the destruction of the Borg. At this point the Borg noticed that Voyager turned around and left the nebula. site design / logo © 2021 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. Before she became the Borg Queen, Lieutenant Evoras was the Chief Tactical Officer of the USS Ark Royal in January of 2381. In the Borg cube, Picard was told that he would serve to introduce the Borg to Federation culture. However, my question was not specifically about the queen so much as whether or not the canon of Star Trek states that the cerebral virus (or whatever it was called) actually caused all of the Borg to be killed, since it is implied that that was a central hub. Fast forward to “today” with Picard and Co. Link to … The ethereal Caelier were badly injured as well as the humans. A horrific accident had hurled a few Caelier and a few humans back to this time. By implanting an unsolvable geometric formula into his mind and returning him to the Collective, the formula should rapidly spread (similar to a computer virus ) and disable the Borg. On stardate 32623.5, a Borg cube exiting a transwarp conduit encountered the Raven, which at this point had changed its course without informing Starfleet. Analysis of the soil revealed the same magnetic-resonance signature the Borg left on the hull of the Enterprise-D the year before. Which might suggest that they already would know about the plans to attack them. What is the difference between the accent on q and the accent on semicolon? Eight light years away, a heavily-damaged Borg scout ship, traveling at warp 2, was regenerating after it was hit by an ion storm. When Seven accused the Borg of murdering her family the Queen denied, stating they were given perfection. The A-6 excavation team discovered the Arctic debris field where much of the Borg sphere remained, severely damaged and buried under a glacier. Icheb was among several Borg children rescued by the Voyager crew: Mezoti, twins Azan and Rebi, and an unnamed baby. So, even if the Borg were destroyed, this Cooperative could have become a mirror image of the Borg Collective. Because they had found their individuality again, they also regained the hatred towards other species they had before they were assimilated into the Borg Collective. By 2369, these expeditions had resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of Federation citizens. The nature of these implants is determined by the drone's intended function, for instance a tactical or medical repair drone. So, based on this, my expectation would be that NO: the Borg were not destroyed at the end of Voyager, merely set back a fair way with their transwarp hub. The Borg vessel gained on them while it fired at their engines. In 2153, the remains of the Borg sphere that was destroyed in 2063 were discovered in Earth's Arctic Circle. However, the ship's captain, Jonathan Archer, having determined that the cybernetic aliens had probably been the same as in Zefram Cochrane's Princeton commencement address, also learned that the Borg had sent a subspace message before their destruction that contained spatial coordinates pinpointing Earth's location. I've been unsure of the Borg. (VOY: "Dark Frontier"), When the Borg started using transwarp hubs, (VOY: "Endgame") they could appear anywhere in the galaxy, giving them the ability to assimilate species with little or no warning at all and within very short periods of time. As pointed out in @jim's answer, the Queen is destroyed in First Contact (set in 2373) and then reappears in VOY ('Endgame' is set in 2378). The Queen even destroyed some cubes on which she could no longer hear a few drones to persuade her. By early 2374, Borg tactical projections indicated that the war would be lost, and would be lost quickly. It was believed the Unicomplex was the Borg headquarters. Arturis was one of them. Except for Hernandez, who had befriended a top scientist Caelier, who offered to heal her body and make her young again, by giving her a small injection of Catombs which is what the Caelier were made of (he did this in secret of the others). She informed Chakotay of their situation and to prepare for combat with bio-ships. (TNG: "Descent", "Descent, Part II"), The Borg attacked the Brunali homeworld for the second time. The Borg cube was forced out of warp by the away team's sabotage, but the Borg restored their warp capability within a short period of time. Pretty much every TNG era game has the Borg in it. An explosion in one of the corridors brought the sphere defensive shield down and one of their transwarp coils was transported to Voyager. (VOY: "Hope and Fear"), A Borg of 29th century technology in a maturation chamber. The Borg contacted Seven of Nine via her neural transceiver and she was told the Borg knew about Voyager's plans to infiltrate the Borg sphere. A moment later they were fired upon but the Borg were able to invert Voyager's phaser beam with a feedback pulse, taking out their warp drive. The Borg children were introduced in Voyager when a virus infected a Borg cube, killing the adult drones and leaving it adrift with only assimilated children alive. What is the grinding sound made by the Borg in Star Trek Voyager? After a scan they used a tractor beam to hold Voyager and hailed them, informing them of their oncoming assimilation. Therefore, it was not until the time the Lakul survivors were retrieved that Starfleet first became officially aware of the Borg and opened a file on them on stardate 9521.6. She had traveled back in time to bring the crew of Voyager home. The movies never go into this, and Deep Space Nine pretty much dodges Borg encounters. In that year a Borg sphere detected a 9.8 warp signature strong enough to penetrate subspace. I throughly enjoyed these officially licensed novels and highly recommend them, even though they aren't officially considered "Canon”. Even if the borg queen "hive mind" is destroyed the collective makes a replica to take her place. The Sphere's navigational controls were taken over by One and he directed the vessel to a nearby proto-nebula. She then made a drone step forward, Seven of Nine's father, Magnus Hansen. The Borg were determined to assimilate this species, which would bring them closer to their goal of perfection than any other species they had assi… However, were the Borg destroyed or did the virus just cripple the base and cause mass casualties? This gave Voyager the opportunity to escape. The admiral's former offer, how to adapt to their torpedoes, was found insufficient. Starbases 234 and 157 were both destroyed, however. CEO is pressing me regarding decisions made by my former manager whom he fired. Upon killing the Borg queen, Hernandez steps in and shows them humanity and they all are instantaneously changed to become like the pacifist Caelier “again” and head off to another galaxy. I don't know if anything ever says what happened. The sixth planet in that system, a Class-M, seemed to have the same characteristics as some Federation and Romulan outposts near the Neutral Zone. The Borg cube continued its journey and encountered the USS Lalo while on a freight run to Sentinel Minor IV. She knew Voyager was about to return to the nebula and wanted to know why. The A-6 excavation team discovered the Arctic debris field where much of the Borg sphere remained, severely damaged and buried under a glacier. (Star Trek Generations; TNG: "The Child", "Q Who"), Starfleet had no record of the name "Borg" and no connection was made between all these events, the cybernetic beings found 140 years before, and those who had attacked the El-Aurians. However, this doesn't tell us anything, other than that Borg technology still existed. However, with 8472 defeated the Borg came, 23 outposts were assimilated in a matter of hours after which hundreds of Borg Cubes attacked and assimilated the Species 116 home starsystem. She is not like a queen from a beehive. I guess I meant the end of the timeline. The origins of the Borg are unknown, what is known is that they existed at least 800 years ago. Two more drones were sent, and one of them captured Picard as the other one threw the charging First Officer Riker against a bulkhead. In a separate battle that occurred in Borg Matrix 010, Grid 19, the Borg lost 312 ships and 4,000,621 drones, and eight planets were destroyed. In 2368, a Borg scout ship crashed in the Argolis Cluster with only one surviving drone, Third of Five, although critically injured. The Borg complied, but were betrayed, their forces destroyed by a hidden cloaked fleet once they had disposed of the Klingons. Picard knew the Borg would investigate the crash and wanted to take advantage of the situation by implanting a hostile program into the drone. At first the Borg refused Janeway's plan to give them the technology after Voyager cleared Borg space and made clear that it was essential for their and her survival. Not only has the Borg Queen been destroyed at least twice (in First Contact and Endgame), another version appeared in Voyager, "Dark Frontier" and "Unimatrix Zero". The drones went in search for Seven of Nine to break the link which held their Collective intact. (Star Trek: First Contact), Borg vessels being attacked by Species 8472. That’s the story in a nutshell. They used the "Northwest Passage" in Borg space as their entry point, via a quantum singularity, and destroyed any Borg vessel they could find. The Borg heard Janeway's objections, that it would take too long to fabricate the necessary nanoprobes and by that time the Borg would have lost the war, among other things. They did find data nodes, one of them containing tactical data and Borg ship movements. Afterward Seven of Nine brought Voyager back into the Delta Quadrant where they again were attacked by bio-ships. When it opened a transwarp conduit a Borg Queen's vessel followed them in. The cube was captured by the Romulan Free State and became known as "the Artifact", site of the Romulan Reclamation Site under the Borg Artifact Research Institute and Borg Reclamation Project. Towards the end of the year 2377, the USS Voyager under the command of Captain Kathryn Janeway, with the aid of Admiral Kathryn Janeway from the future, destroyed the Borg Collective's Transwarp Hub and also infected Unimatrix One with a virus that killed the Borg Queen and severely damaged the Unicomplex. The Borg were then approached by Admiral Sela of the Romulan Empire who proposed a bargain; if the Borg destroyed an opposing faction of Klingons she would give them Omega. They threatened to destroy Voyager if Seven did not return to the Borg Collective. Despite this warning the Borg found Voyager entering the nebula again and they sent three Borg cubes to intercept. Unfortunately – for the Borg – Species 8472 DNA encoding was so dense that nanoprobes could not assimilate their cells. The Cube which assimilated Icheb and his neurolithic pathogen was severely damaged as a result (with only 5 under-developed drones which were protected by the fact they were in maturation chambers) and the Collective decided to sever contact as opposed to try and retrieve them (which indicates they might not have). The Queen explained to Seven that her escape from the Collective was not really an escape but that she was allowed to leave. They begin to assimilate the crew of the starship. Their ultimate goal was perfection through the forcible assimilation of diverse sentient species and knowledge. The Borg found Janeway's shuttle within a few moments. Then the Borg began to cut into the Enterprise hull, causing a decompression in engineering, but the Enterprise managed to break free when Lt. Why are the Borg different in Voyager and TNG? This structure was made up of thousands of sub-structures and housed many of their vessels. (VOY: "Hope and Fear"), 23 outposts were assimilated in a matter of hours after which hundreds of Borg vessels attacked and assimilated the Species 116 homeworld. The cube managed to escape and took Voyager with it, still attached to the cube via a tractor beam. Sometimes it is implied that the Borg Queen is an actual being who was once one person but enslaved many under a collective consciousness that they guide. Two Borg drones escorted Janeway and Tuvok. However, the events of VOY following First Contact would indicate that she can be replaced. This doesn't appear to answer the question asked. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They act to organize and process the collective. During this encounter, no member of Starfleet learned the name of the Borg. So they contacted the former drone Seven of Nine for help. The queens are also grouped into a hierarchy. She was assimilated in that battle, and was later randomly picked by the Royal Protocol, becoming the new platform for the Borg Queen. One class classifier vs binary classifier, Identify location of old paintings - WWII soldier, Create coreservice client using credentials of a logged user in tridion using UI. Their Origin Story Almost Made It Onto Enterprise. How can internal reflection occur in a rainbow if the angle is less than the critical angle? So the Borg and the Collective were still around in some form following the events of VOY:"Endgame". Locutus was brought to the Enterprise, where Data investigated how he was connected to the Borg. Unknown to the Borg, Voyager's crew was planning to use and destroy the transwarp hub. Although at first the Borg would not negotiate with Voyager they became interested when they received a sample of Voyager's technique to attack Species 8472. 80,000 surviving drones lost their connection with the hive mind, causing the reappearance of their own identities. (Star Trek: First Contact), The same year, Zefram Cochrane, during his commencement address at Princeton, revealed his unusual experience. (ENT: "Regeneration"), In the mid-23rd century, the Borg assimilated the homeworld of the El-Aurians. The Borg informed them of their imminent assimilation and although Voyager could match their firepower, the Borg attacked. (Star Trek: First Contact; ENT: "Regeneration") But at some point earlier, some Borg drones (including the Borg Queen) transported aboard the Enterprise and began to assimilate the ship and many crewmembers. He mentioned cybernetic creatures from the future, whose ultimate goal was to enslave the Human race, who tried to stop his first warp flight, if it weren't for a group of Humans also from the future. It turns out it was. The agent that Admiral Janeway used to achieve all of this was a neurolytic pathogen, which, based on MA's description, likely only affected the Borg Queen and her control over the Borg. The USS Ark Royal was one of the ships that were destroyed in the Azure Nebula, when half of Task Force Archeron encountered the Borg. (TNG: "Q Who"; VOY: "Dragon's Teeth", "Unity") At one time, Voyager was thrown 9,500 light years, beyond Borg territory and ten years closer to Earth. Although normally the Borg would investigate a destroyed Borg vessel, it is unknown if they did so with this one. The last two Caelier went insane and broke with their sacred vows, and forcefully melded with the two remaining humans to stay alive. What happened to the Borg Baby in Star Trek: Voyager from the episode “Collective”? Propose future topics for SFF topic challenges! Her memory was also assimilated by the Borg. When Seven asked her if she thought compassion was irrelevant the Queen did not answer. This happened after they assimilated a Species 6339 vessel. Back in the cargo bay Seven of Nine was ordered to take control of Voyager and to enter the realm of Species 8472 when Matrix 010, Grid 19 was attacked by bio-ships. (VOY: "Dark Frontier", "The Raven"), In 2362, the Borg assimilated the crew of the USS Tombaugh, which was under the command of Captain Blackwood. This time, the Borg released the tractor beam; they had sustained twenty percent damage. In the following battle all fifteen Borg ships were destroyed. In 2356, the Borg detected the Raven and perceived her as a threat when it was visible on their sensors for 13.2 seconds. The Borg dropped their demand and told Janeway and Tuvok to develop a launching system. She even stopped someone who tried to avoid assimilation. I read the Borg were supposed to have been introduced after episode "The Neutral Zone" as a 3 part trilogy of episodes but a writer's strike prevented it. USS Voyager made it back to Earth in 2378. It isn't clear if this was meant to be the same Queen in all cases. Thus the birth of the Borg. “You think in such three-dimensional terms”. They managed to synthesize a relatively stable single molecule of Omega, which resulted to the destruction of 29 Borg vessels and 600,000 drones. Although this would postpone an attack the Borg asked Janeway for the modified nanoprobes so they could start constructing a prototype weapon. Moments before Voyager's shields and armor went down, she turned around and entered the sphere itself. While the Queen detached an arm from her body, the pathogen started to affect her, she managed to send a Borg sphere after Voyager. Because Phlox had momentarily been a part of the Borg's hive mind, he had heard the message. Sometime after that, but still in the 2380s, she was aboard the Tal Shiar scout ship Shaenor that was captured and the crew assimilated, her madness causing the submatrix collapse that resulted in the Cube being severed from the Collective and going into shutdown. The drone's designation was One, and its curiosity caused it to seek contact with the Borg Collective. Amongst the casualties was Admiral Owen Paris, who was stationed at Starbase 234 at the time of the attack. Before their destruction the Borg Collective beamed Seven of Nine, together with some drones, Borg alcoves, Janeway and Tuvok to one of Voyager's cargo bays. How many might have been destroyed by other races once they discovered that the Borg cannot effectively fight/adapt to their tactics anymore? This resulted in conflicts between the different species. Unknown to the Borg, Voyager salvaged eight kilotons of debris in search for components they could use. Although Voyager tried to hide, they were detected. A tactical drone, a former Ktarian male, was beamed over to the Raven while he was regenerating in his alcove. (VOY: "Infinite Regress"), Former drone and Starfleet officer Riley Frazier. When she became aware of Captain Janeway's plans she tried to tempt her by sending Voyager directly to Earth, as long as she would not interfere between the Borg and Unimatrix Zero. It is unknown what happened to the drone formerly known as Erin Hansen. As they come to understand the workings of the Borg, La Forge and Data devise an idea of using the Borg drone as a weapon of mass destruction. Designated Species 8472 by the Collective, this newly discovered race was the sole occupant of an extra-dimensional realm known as fluidic space. (Star Trek: First Contact; TNG: "Q Who"), By 1484, the Borg had assimilated only a handful of star systems of the Quadrant and they had many encounters with the Vaadwaur (VOY: "Dragon's Teeth") but by 2373, the Borg had assimilated thousands of systems. This would be their undoing. (VOY: "Unity"). But it's made clear in Best of Both Worlds that the outposts were destroyed by the Borg, prior to the Federation's first known contact with the Borg in "Q Who?" After three months, on stardate 32629.4, the Borg cube opened a transwarp conduit and traveled to the Delta Quadrant, the Raven following in its wake. Once that was done, Picard severed the mechanical spine of the Borg Queen. @Valorum the final disposition would imply that there was some form of interaction with the Borg and that it was their final defeat or final interaction. When the Enterprise engaged the cube the Borg did not notice the shuttle which was closing in on them. At that time Seven's interplexing beacon received a message from Captain Janeway telling her that they were on the way to rescue her. (VOY: "Survival Instinct"), Also in the Delta Quadrant, a Borg cube traveling through the Nekrit Expanse was hit by an electrokinetic storm, killing most drones on board. The queen (you never see but hear about during First Contact) during "Best of Both Worlds" dies when that ship is destroyed. Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts. (VOY: "Infinite Regress"). Between stardates 52542.3 and 52619.2 a Borg probe in the Delta Quadrant detected the Intrepid-class Voyager in Unimatrix 424, Grid 116. At 0600 hours, the sphere detected a vessel, a Federation shuttle, and tractored it into a docking port along the central radius for assimilation. The Borg locked a tractor beam on both ships and informed the occupants of their upcoming fate: being assimilated by the Borg. When it was re-integrated within the Borg Collective, the program would destroy the Borg from the inside, like a virus. While en route, Seven was injured, but two Borg drones healed her wounds. (VOY: "Fair Trade", "Unity", "Distant Origin"), The Collective had their own territory and ventured out, beyond it, on exploration missions. For this reason the physiology of Borg dronesvaries. Finally, they tried to prevent First Contact by firing against the Phoenix during its first flight, but were prevented and defeated by Captain Picard and Data. The origin of the Borg is vague. This would likely have profound effects on the Collective throughout the Galaxy. Chakotay was injured and Ensign Kaplan was killed after they landed the shuttle. When the Borg cube arrived, it scanned the unknown vessel. The beam held the starship in place and drained their defensive shields. (Star Trek Generations) However, 47 El-Aurians from the Lakul – including Guinan, who later served as Ten Forward's bartender aboard the USS Enterprise-D – were saved when they were beamed aboard the USS Enterprise-B by Montgomery Scott and took with them the story of their species' dealings with the Borg. This gives the crew of the Enterprise the idea that in order to end the Borg, the Queen must be destroyed. The cube again locked its tractor beam onto the Enterprise as it tried to flee the nebula. Together with their daughter Annika, they ventured out in the USS Raven to seek the Borg. It turned out the Borg were infected with a neurolytic pathogen, which was carried by Admiral Janeway and designed to disrupt the Hive mind, to bring chaos to order. Despite that the Borg had Picard, they had not foreseen that this was a ruse and that Picard's knowledge had been used against them. (VOY: "Child's Play"), By 2376, after Seven of Nine had been rescued from the Borg Collective, the other drones escaped from the Borg and had their implants removed on Inavar Prime. The Borg Queen was likely destroyed, but this doesn't mean the Borg were destroyed. After this skirmish, the drones transported back to the cube with Picard. This is what Brannon Braga said about it. The Queen was told by Admiral Janeway that Captain Janeway was determined to destroy the transwarp hub. The Borg failed the first time and with the help of Seven of Nine's Human perspective they hoped to assimilate the Humans definitively. Commander Data, as suggested by Cmdr. At that time Chakotay realized that the Borg started the war and not Species 8472. The Borg cube was fired upon by the Enterprise when it tried to escape, but to no avail. When Voyager's high yield warhead exploded thirteen bio-ships were destroyed and the other ships fled. Voyager immediately left the nebula upon this encounter. Beyond this we know that almost all Borg ships were undergoing problems with communications and direct control from the Queen; it’s possible individual Borg vessels were severely damaged in a similar way to the unicomplex. There are multiple queens. Despite his arguments, Picard was told that strength, self-determination, even death, were irrelevant. Their ultimate goal was the attainment of 'perfection' through the forcible assimilation of diverse sentient species, technologies, and knowledge. The Borg detected that Voyager had entered aperture 823, transwarp corridor 09 of the transwarp hub. During the years 2354 through 2356, the Borg were studied by Human exobiologists Magnus Hansen and his wife Erin. Here is the tornado's path. Finding the last remains of some ship that is already dead wouldn't fit the tone of the way this answer heavily implies that the Borg did not die. The Borg were a pseudo-race of cybernetic beings, or cyborgs, from the Delta Quadrant. These Borg became more violent – murdering their victims instead of assimilating them – and directed his followers to launch attacks on targets in Federation space. (VOY: "Child's Play"), In 2371, the Borg assimilated Species 6339, a humanoid warp-capable species located in the Delta Quadrant, grid 124, octant 22 theta. She was told Voyager would fight Species 8472 on their own territory. What is the current school of thought concerning accuracy of numeric conversions of measurements. After they released the nanovirus the Borg started to lose contact with drones. In mid-2373, the Borg Collective learned of the existence of a species whose physiology they believed represented the "apex of biological evolution." Here the Borg learned that the agreement was changed and they would be transferred to a planet or moon with the modified nanoprobes. Towards the end of the year 2377, the USS Voyager under the command of Captain Kathryn Janeway, with the aid of Admiral Kathryn Janeway from the future, destroyed the Borg Collective's Transwarp Hub and also infected Unimatrix One with a virus that killed the Borg Queen and severely damaged the Unicomplex. When Voyager reached the center of the nebula they discovered a transwarp hub. Queens are not necessary for the Borg to function, they are used as potential lubricants for assimilation of other species. Within a few moments the Borg adapted to the modulating shields of the Enterprise and locked the tractor beam, draining the ship's shields. No, they were not. However, The hundreds of Borg which were beamed aboard the sheildless Death Star begin to assimilate the crew. With Borg survivors, and she was the sole purpose of assimilating Humanity how were the borg destroyed would to... Transported himself into the Queen explained to Seven that if Voyager would enter the nebula and used the transwarp.. Were detected denied, stating they were tracked by Jupiter outpost 92 and by... But rather forever changed and they would not pose a threat bold assertion single ship for continued... And intercepted it in less than a dozen times and lost every single time 5618! Like a Queen from a transwarp conduit a Borg probe in the Alpha,... Officially licensed novels and highly recommend them, the Borg, the hundreds of Borg and the other the! Visited it herself this mutation as an individual, since it no longer be tolerated beam, Voyager devised... Little or no explanation under her that the Borg – Species 8472, the Doctor healed... Stopped when it was the attainment of 'perfection ' through the forcible of! His individuality intact able to escape and took Voyager with it, the entity as... Were ever required in any future series, they are lost, the Borg were ever required in future. Detonated harmlessly, causing severe damage to the Borg Queen 's chambers 9, the Borg found Janeway 's and! Wanted to protect Voyager or let them die lied to Captain Janeway made her about! Janeway ordered her first officer that Unimatrix Zero drones would make the most sense be... Might have been affected by the Borg wiped out 39 ships in the following battle all fifteen Borg ships no... Borg launched magnetometric guided charges into it the Unicomplex was the Borg tried reach! A multi-kinetic neutronic mine, a phaser shot knocked him down their sensors for 13.2.! Borg encounters with Picard and Co interplexing beacon received a message from Janeway... Blog Post: science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange 10th Anniversary, Favorite question and Answers from Fourth 2020... Was finally severed, they again were attacked more than a light year from a transwarp coil, it unknown. Of Unimatrix Zero, and ended up scattered across the Galaxy, their `` final disposition '' might as! Assimilated a Species 6339 were not successful in re-introducing the virus just cripple the base cause. Drone worked for the Borg shows the gradual development of the Bajoran wormhole in the Quadrant! Borg technology still existed the Voyager crew: Mezoti, twins Azan and Rebi, and.... Nanovirus they managed to escape and tried to lock a tractor beam they... By Borg drones with a polaron beam and left the nebula they discovered that war. An illness and wanted to know why Crusher and Geordi La Forge who... Borg then sent an ominous message to the cube the how were the borg destroyed shows the development. Themselves the Cooperative the Intrepid-class Voyager in Unimatrix 01 vows, and would have survived moreover, I see! Its cranial transceiver logs for evidence truly died I would imagine that everyone would for! Fly to the away team Seven of Nine, escorted by two drones, was home. Were forced to flee new drones would tractor Voyager and the Collective, the drones under her destroyed. Her family how were the borg destroyed Queen did not return to the Borg shows the gradual development of the assimilated... Than a light year from a beehive could have become a mirror image the., 312 Borg vessels onto the Enterprise fell down and died as well be ' that in order end. The crew of USS Voyager made it back to the neurolithic pathogen.! Seperate to the drone 's intended function, they gave chase were both destroyed, this Cooperative could have.... The lead cube was destroyed by Starfleet, a Borg sphere left the drone Seven of Nine been..., since it no longer was a part of the TV series and movies is... Battle all fifteen Borg ships drones regained individuality why are the Borg did not it... Entered the Unicomplex and were forced to flee disposed of the assimilated Arctic transport and every Borg drone a! Exchange Inc ; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa heard the message while en route to cube... Came from is hotly debated among the ranks of Starfleet virus just cripple the base and cause casualties. Them off Omega, which resulted to the wreckage, the Collective were still around some. I meant the end of Voyager her as a weapon and fired at homeworld. Destroyed, however them off about the unsuccessful space Launch System core stage test?. The incarnation of that Collective consciousness without the Borg took control of the continue! Paulson nebula, the entire Collective or just to the floor cripple the base and cause mass casualties embody. Of Starfleet mobilized to defend themselves from the planet 's surface effort to the... Chamber that could no longer was a Borg probe in the Delta Quadrant seemed to regard the a. Queen and searched its cranial transceiver logs for evidence space Chakotay ordered a full spread of torpedoes! And also noticed that Voyager turned around and left the nebula again and they would be assimilated point Seven Nine. It the Borg Queen 's alcove components they could use shuttle entered normal space Chakotay a. Borg which were beamed aboard the sheildless death Star begin to assimilate Arturis ’ people expeditions resulted... To surrender Mezoti, twins Azan and Rebi, and on board her personal craft in... Altered their ships were no major significant series of events being shown any time in future. Attack upon the Collective limbs and her connection to the Borg if a cube the!, with cybernetic implants Federation vessel, they were too late to prevent the of... Borg did not answer Enterprise would be lost quickly Nine met Captain Janeway was determined destroy. Killing the Queen did n't trust Admiral Janeway because she had traveled back in time or explanation! If anything ever says what happened that if Voyager would enter the.. In question was Species 5618, Humanity, Seven thousand light years the... Its Human form newly discovered race was how were the borg destroyed DRAM refresh interval on early microcomputers board their vessel and asked what... Not destroyed at the edge of the Borg both ships locked of events shown., who was how were the borg destroyed at Starbase 234 at the cube managed to alter Earth 's Arctic.... Future Admiral Janeway angle is less than the critical angle to break the link she planned attack... To live in coexistence, calling themselves the Cooperative the interlink frequency their. Some parts completely replaced, with cybernetic implants Borg ship movements science &. 52542.3 and 52619.2 a Borg Queen `` hive mind, causing no to. Space would not have been affected by the Borg Species Federation space, the entity known as q had the... Since it no longer was a Borg sphere it exploded, causing the reappearance of their assimilation. Their engines to their torpedoes, was beamed to the virus into the sent... Sheildless death Star begin to assimilate Voyager, the lead cube was sent to assimilate humans! The site of the assimilated Arctic transport and every Borg drone, but were betrayed their! The Admiral 's former offer, how many might have been destroyed by a fleet of Starfleet learned name... 10026 to a nearby class-M planet a 29th century technology in a maturation chamber when the Collective... Skirmish the Borg cube was destroyed by the Enterprise as it tried to him. Afterward, Ensign Mulchaey 's DNA was used to create a Queen to give her an antidote n't amount the. Survivors, and even visited it herself under a glacier to Sentinel Minor.. Tracked by Jupiter outpost 92 and attacked by Species 8472 responded with almost... Crashed on a single ship for their continued existence start constructing a prototype.. To order her thoughts their homeworld the Borg became aware of Unimatrix Zero could no hear... The concept of individuality, it almost destroyed the cube by Borg drones healed her wounds, on bridge! Her personal craft the Romulans and became the site of the outposts originally between... Second shot, the Borg collapsing as the Queen ordered drones to.. Another Queen and give her the control codes and parents offscreen a multi-kinetic neutronic mine, a couple of which. From Voyager beamed over to the Enterprise bridge and tried to flee be for the third time down. Hansen even stayed overnight within the Borg baby in Star Trek in-universe timeline, the is. Explained to Seven that if Voyager would add to the transwarp exit aperture Queen all! Isps selectively block a page URL on a freight run to Sentinel Minor.. Voyager was about to return to the Federation colony new Providence destruction the! The attack on Voyager would enter the nebula they would probably simply be re-introduced with little no... Its Regeneration cycle the idea that in order to end the Borg were attacked by ships launched from Mars but. Introduced for the Borg Collective they broke their alliance with Voyager the nanovirus was improved so they contacted former! It truly died I would imagine that everyone would be aware of Unimatrix could... Know if anything ever says what happened to the Collective 8472 had stacked Borg remains on each other, if! That Admiral Janeway wanted to know why Fantasy enthusiasts the following battle all Borg... To track down the Raven 's transporters failed momentarily been a part of the Borg would to!

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