KLINGON BIRD-OF-PREY A filming miniature of the winged Klingon bird-of-prey spacecraft, acrylic plastic, milled aluminum, and resin, heavily detailed with distinctive falcon-feather paneling on wings, with power supply, assorted motion control mount cover plugs, cables and some mounting hardware -- 15x36in. "I took the idea that the engine pods were dangerous and made them more elevated so the working area is further away from the reactors." An earlier reference made in "Broken Bow" to "a fleet of warbirds" might have originally been intended to be a reference to the Bird-of-Prey. Ne convient pas aux enfants de moins de 3 ans See more. External cabling which extends from the bridge module to the top of the ship and which is also at the back of the wings came from an unused D4 class design. Profile view The B’rel class, first developed in 2270, is the second known Bird-of-Prey operated by the Klingon Empire, it builds directly on the successful design on the earlier birds-of-prey but includes ideas and technology taken from Romulan designs obtained in the short lived Klingon-Romulan alliance of the 23rd century, most notably a cloaking device. Its bridge was extremely similar to that of Klaa's Bird-of-Prey, with the same style of aft twin consoles and viewscreen. Two full-scale mock-ups of sections of the Bird-of-Prey were created for Star Trek IV. (DS9: "Once More Unto the Breach"), The quarters of a D12-class Bird-of-Prey, leading into a smoky corridor. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Klingon Bird of Prey Star Trek Stencil Mask Reusable Polypropylene Sheet for Arts & Crafts GetCraftyUK. Many sketches of the Klingon ship were drawn. The most obvious explanation is that the Bird of Prey is designed for atmospheric flight. An open doorway to the right of the aft port station led to a metallic door that was hidden from sight behind the port bulkhead and enabled passage between this bridge and the rest of the ship. This topic is categorised under: Science Fiction » Star Trek » Klingon Bird of Prey. This room included a console that was fixed in place, situated so that the console's operator would be facing the transporter to the right. Only one of these was smoky and included a bulkhead that led straight from the room, the latter due to the fact that this passageway's opening was located essentially at one of the room's corners, whereas the other corridor opened only near the bulkhead on the room's opposite side and did not include it. The nacelle was positioned diagonally along the aft section of the ship, above the cargo bay, and perpendicular to the impulse engine. 4 Like Favorite Add An Author Tags: This is a preview! For the filming of the scene that features the ship's command section, however, the parking lot – having been a tank for underwater work, many years earlier – was converted back into a tank that was about four feet deep (except for a deep spot at its center) and was referred to as "B Tank", wherein the enlarged Bird-of-Prey section was positioned between and parallel to a skyline backdrop and a set of underwater tracks for a full-size humpback whale prop. At first, the team repeatedly tried to achieve this shot practically, flying the model Bird-of-Prey – on a wire rig – through the space between a model of the bridge and a miniature version of the San Francisco Bay. (Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, issue 35, pp. These each consisted of a forward, physically interlinked pair of consoles that were each surrounded on two sides by other consoles, along the aft and side bulkheads. Toy AMT AMT662 Assembly Instructions 2 pages. However, these stations were situated extremely close together, in tight formation with the command chair, leaving inadequate space for personnel passage at the room's center. Life on board is harsh and brutal, with any sign of weakness leading to a challenge to the death. Hikaru Sulu was among those familiar with the class at that time, since he was capable of visually identifying a Bird-of-Prey, as well as being familiar with its crew complement. An access point was situated on the fourth side of the room. The term "Bird-of-Prey" was first referenced on Enterprise in "Sleeping Dogs", and may have been implied to be "two ships approaching at high warp" at the end of that episode. THE MODEL HAS SUFFERED SOME MINOR DAMAGE IN STORAGE This room featured a long walkway between two wider storage areas, one situated on each side of the ship. "That helped to make it a really aggressive little ship," noted Eaves. (TNG: "Unification I") Jadzia Dax described life on board a Bird-of-Prey as "cramped and uncomfortable," even when compared to the spartan Defiant-class starship. In 2293, General Chang commanded a prototype Bird-of-Prey that had the ability to fire its weapons while it was cloaked. This arrangement featured two large wall-mounted red hexagons, similar to those aboard the IKS Pagh, and a pair of display screens below these. Login Register. It was destroyed in 2388 just after inflicting critical damage to the USS Dauntless in the Battle of Serris III. Birds-of-Prey also came equipped with a retractable loading ramp in the rear just behind the tractor emitter for crew members to enter or exit while the ship was landed, or to load or unload cargo. This bridge was notably well lit, in contrast with its darkly illuminated precursors. Both corridors included a metallic pipe running horizontally along the length of the port bulkhead and at least two sets of double-doors, including one between this corridor and the bridge. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home), The primary impulse injector aboard a Bird-of-Prey was located on Deck 5. (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier), Kruge's Bird-of-Prey also included a transporter room. Leonard Nimoy was involved in selecting the design concepts of the class and Bill George built the prototype studio model for this vessel. (TNG: "Unification I", "Unification II"), In 2370, the bridge of a Bird-of-Prey commanded by Kang had another unusual layout. With this fierce battleship orbiting around your tree, you had better notify Starfleet Command to send help immediately, just in case the Klingon commander has something up his sleeve. The port and starboard nacelles were directly connected to the extreme upper aft section of the ship, perpendicular to the impulse engine. Difficulty: Challenging. Got one to sell? The film's production crew also tried to keep it dark, to give the bridge an ominous feeling. A room of the HMS Bounty Bird-of-Prey contained several computer banks. Ultimately, aspects of different designs were mixed to create a hybrid of the various looks. A shelving unit was opposite the sub-room partition and another could be found between these two opposing sides of the room, next to the other unit; the top of each side of both units culminated in a bottle-shaped feature and both units were situated in front of a low portal through which, while the ship was in space, a starfield could be seen. Various designations have been used throughout the years, creating the impression that "Bird-of-Prey" is merely a generic term for the ship's appearance, whereas the actual types or classes are called B'rel, K'Vort or D-12. This topic is categorised under: Science Fiction » Star Trek » Klingon Bird of Prey. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home; DS9: "Once More Unto the Breach"), The interior design of the Bird-of-Prey had limited space available for the very fact that it was designed as "a military ship, not a pleasure craft," according to Klingon captain K'Vada. Whales George and Gracie in the cargo bay, A cargo bay of this type could be found aboard the HMS Bounty and was, in that particular case, converted into an enclosed whale tank. (Starlog #103, February 1986, p. 17) Though this rationale seemed legitimate at the time, it was later retconned with the introduction of an earlier but similar style of Klingon Bird-of-Prey in Star Trek: Enterprise, set before the Romulan-Klingon Alliance. Instead, there were wider gaps than usual between the consoles lining the bulkheads and the two aft stations. As a result, Eaves had to begin the design process again. This shield was exhibited on the side of the alcove and another small desk was below it, against the recess' middle bulkhead. An alcove, in the approximate direction of the room's other side, contained a wall-mounted metallic shield, shaped like a half-globe and with a center that was embellished with a tiny, red rendition of the Klingon Empire emblem. Two more chairs were positioned near the command chair; relative to the captain, one of the additional chairs was directly to the right while the other was ahead and to the right. (ENT: "The Augments"), Located in the "head" of the forward section of the vessel, the bridge, which was plated with dispersive armor, was one of the most protected sections of the ship. (ENT: "Borderland"), Unlike the Raptor class, this class of Bird-of-Prey was equipped with escape pods. The Klingon Bird of Prey-page contains all related products, articles, books, walkarounds and plastic scale modeling projects dedicated to this topic. Though retired from service due to defective plasma coils, this Klingon Bird of Prey makes the perfect desk conversation piece, ready to attack any Federation Ship that enters the Neutral Zone. [5], In Star Trek IV, the positioning of the Bird-of-Prey hovering between a whaling boat and two submerged humpback whales to prevent a harpoon reaching the whales, was an homage to Greenpeace activists who would position their rafts between a whaling ship and its quarry, in occasionally successful attempts to protect whales. But I think what we wanted to do was establish it clearly as a Klingon, because of its evil-looking nature and its name: the Bird-of-Prey." The footage of the Bird-of-Prey was shot as a motion-control element, by Pat Sweeney (a visual effects director of photography at ILM). Both Nimoy and William Shatner were of the opinion that the Klingon vessel was "ominous" and "smoky", and Nimoy added, "The way it was lit; the colors on the graphics are not necessarily pleasing; the angles are all sharp angles. Though the Bird-of-Prey design had been in service for nearly one hundred years, constant upgrades ensured that the ships were still a powerful and capable front-line warship. With the appearance of ships of this name in use by both Klingons and Romulans during the 2150s, the "in-universe" origin of the term is much more obscure. A Klingon Bird-of-Prey from the class prevalent in the 23rd and 24th centuries. This bird was commissioned out of a dead HP Desktop. The Klingon Bird of Prey-page contains all related products, articles, books, walkarounds and plastic scale modeling projects dedicated to this topic. (DS9: "Sons and Daughters") By 2375, the structural beams had been changed back to the same position they had been in aboard Dukat's Bird-of-Prey, sloping down toward the command chair. KLINGON BIRD-OF-PREY A filming miniature of the winged Klingon bird-of-prey spacecraft, acrylic plastic, milled aluminum, and resin, heavily detailed with distinctive falcon-feather paneling on wings, with power supply, assorted motion control mount cover plugs, cables and some mounting hardware -- 15x36in. This override system was essentially a lever on a bulkhead and was pulled down to open the door. (DS9: "Soldiers of the Empire", "Call to Arms", "Sons and Daughters", "Favor the Bold", etc.) Packaged in a "Try Me" window box so customers can test its movie-accurate lights and sounds, the Bird of Prey comes with a display stand. It had one emitter located on the underside of each wing that, when used in conjunction, could be used to manipulate a ship to its belly docking port. The D12 class was retired from service by the 2350s due to faulty plasma coils, which were components of the cloaking systems. To the right of the podium was a brown wall panel that featured many vertical grooves. Despite being somewhat surprised by Rodis' guideline of using this sketch as an influence, George was nevertheless inspired by the appearance of the pictured man while building the original prototype model. The craft's wings were also in a more level landing position than they would become and were not adorned with the feather design of the later model. Klingon Bird-of-Prey (B'rel class) With moveable wings! (ENT: "The Expanse") Starfleet, however, had known of the existence of these ships as early as late 2151. At least one of the bulkheads in the cargo bay, located adjacent to the opening of the recessed corridor, could also be opened to allow large-scale passage into the craft from above its hull. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country), The defective plasma coils used on D12-class Birds-of-Prey were a component of their cloaking device. Although Eaves believed there was beauty in the segment of the traditional Klingon Bird-of-Prey where the hinge for the wings was hidden, he slightly adjusted the equivalent area for his redesign. Later that year, a Bird-of-Prey that was captured by the Cardassian Dukat included a bridge that was essentially typical of its kind, with the twin aft stations that each had two hooded monitors. This bridge layout remained unchanged until at least the beginning of the following year, while the ship remained under Dukat's command. It requires 75 Schematics to produce.. [6] [7] [8] [9] On the other hand, a Ferengi battle cruiser was featured in the writer's first draft of the script for "Rascals" (which had the working title "Maker of Dreams"), whereas three Klingon Birds-of-Prey appear in the final version of that episode. Affiliation: (DS9: "Once More Unto the Breach"), In the case of a Bird-of-Prey experiencing a containment problem in the warp core, an adjustment could be made to the tritium intermix to compensate. The readouts on the wall panel were on level surfaces but the top of both sides of the panel were also slanted and numerous small, circular, white lights were arranged above the flat displays. The mess hall aboard the IKS Pagh included adequate seating for about nine officers, at two long, zigzagging tables that were positioned parallel to each other. On the bulkhead to the right of this doorway, a wider access point, featuring a pair of functioning double-doors, was located at a right angle to the other door and faced a thick, vertical structural beam. Interior design. Dispersive armor (bridge), deflector shields (DS9: "When It Rains..."). Deflector shields, cloaking device This item of furniture had a thick, brown harness with a metal buckle. This vessel was commanded by General Chang and used to assassinate Chancellor Gorkon of the Klingon Empire while implicating the Enterprise crew of the crime. These were to the right of a group of vertical lines – one thin red strand, surrounded by thicker black ones – that ran up the bulkhead. Give your desktop an upgrade worthy of the Klingon Emperor by adding this Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey Mouse Pad to the mix. (ENT: \"The Expanse\") Starfleet continued to possess knowledge of the Bird-of-Prey during the 2280s. On the back wall, up from the desk, was a selection of Klingon blade weapons, including a crossed pair of swords arranged above a pair of small weapons that each looked similar to a bat'leth. Memory Alpha articles needing page citations, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (Special Edition), Romulans and Klingons were briefly allied, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (Special Edition), Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (Special Edition), Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual, Klingon Bird of Prey Owners' Workshop Manual, https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Klingon_Bird-of-Prey?oldid=2706028, Production Base: Qo'noS Orbital Factory Base, Accommodation: 12 plus flight crew and troops (, Power Plant: One M/A warp system; two impulse systems, Dimensions: Length, 157.76 meters; beam, 181.54 meters; height, 98.54 meters (, Armament: Two ship-mounted disruptor cannons; one torpedo launcher (. The Klingon bird-of-prey was a classification of starship used by the Klingon Empire. The Klingon K'Vort Bird of Prey is a tier 2 ship in Star Trek Timelines. 2280s–2380s The main viewscreen was akin to a larger version of the viewscreen aboard Kruge's ship, as they were both more rectangular than the usual octagonal screens of Birds-of-Prey. One of the sketches that Nilo Rodis gave Bill George, to help George in constructing the first prototype studio model of the ship, featured the image of a muscleman. The ship featured a newly designed Romulan crest, featuring a stylised bird of prey clutching two planets, Romulus and Remus, in its claws. In coming up with the ship's exterior design for Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, director Leonard Nimoy suggested to the ILM effects team that the ship should generally look swooping and frightening, like a bird on attack, and was also interested in the idea of the ship having an extended "neck", like a bird flying to attack a creature or swooping down towards water before diving to catch a fish in its beak. This area was, however, unable to withstand a shot from a system-5 disruptor, which was capable of breaching the hull within two shots. Doug Drexler remarked, "It has a paired down feel to it like a muscular dune buggy [and an] [...] aggressive trademark stance." He thus pulled out his earlier concept drawing and submitted the design again. £42.54. The Klingon Bird-of-Prey studio model was designed by Nilo Rodis and David Carson, visual effects art directors from Industrial Light & Magic. 5 (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home), The transporter room of Klaa's Bird-of-Prey, The Klingon Bird-of-Prey that was under the command of Captain Klaa had a larger, dedicated transporter room. In the front of the bridge, against the forward bulkhead, was the ship's viewscreen. Both of these two wall panels were each intersected by an angled metallic strut in the bulkhead, the two struts forming the shape of an arrow with a third, similar strut running vertically through the same bulkhead, up to the ceiling. The Klingon Bird-of-Prey was the designation for several classes of starships fielded by the Klingon Empire. A transporter console was positioned on a small, cylindrical pedestal at the opening of the recessed corridor and an intercom could be found on the bulkhead next to it. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home), During the 23rd century, the Klingon Bird-of-Prey utilized a dilithium sequencer that was considered "primitive" by Federation standards. scale: 1/1 000 Photo etch detail set of two ships U.S.S. 59.000+ plastic modelers use us. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home; Star Trek V: The Final Frontier), The design of the K'Vort-class Bird-of-Prey included at least seven escape pods, with six escape pods on the ship's starboard side and at least one on the port side. These might be possible origins for the class names. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home), A wall of the ready room aboard the IKS Hegh'ta, The room's denizen, Kurn, stands in an alcove of his ready room. "I made that a little cruder," he recalled, "and the elements were a little more built on." The captain's quarters of a Bird-of-Prey in 2367 were luxurious by comparison. Klingon Bird-of-Prey The ubiquitous spread-wing craft capable of atmospheric, planetary or warp operations is utilized in two classes: the smaller B'rel and the larger K'Vort. Login Register. (TNG: "A Matter Of Honor"), The bridge of the IKS Hegh'ta in 2368 was of a more conventional Bird-of-Prey bridge design, featuring the usual two aft stations on either side of the command chair. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home) In 2365, engineering of the IKS Pagh, another Bird-of-Prey, monitored the growth of a subatomic bacteria on that ship's hull. In front of the command chair was now located only two stations, however, and both functioned for the ship's course control. While typically designated for peaceful missions, they were always "prepared to go into battle instantly." The Bird-of-Prey is the classic Klingon starship - a tough raiding and scouting vessel that has served at the heart of the Klingon Defense Force for more than a hundred years. (DS9: "Return to Grace"), For nearly a century, the Bird-of-Prey proved to be a rugged, sturdy design that saw continuous use, in that they were much like their Federation counterparts the Excelsior- and Miranda-class starships, whose usefulness out-lived contemporaries such as the Constitution-class cruiser. The latter was longer and wider than the neck corridor of the HMS Bounty. (TNG: "A Matter Of Honor"). Eaglemoss Star Trek Klingon Bird Of Prey Special Issue Replica NEW IN STOCK. u.s.s. Produced in great numbers (copies are still readily available today), the AMT/Ertl Klingon Bird-of-Prey was also issued in a "flight display" variation that included a clear plastic display stand that gave the ship the illusion of "flying." The controls on this bridge were touch sensitive, unlike with the preceding bridge design. (ENT: "The Expanse", "Borderland", "Cold Station 12") This class, however, had minimal aft weapons. The Enterprise would be more sleek and silent, with a nice hum. Type: Give your desktop an upgrade worthy of the Klingon Emperor by adding this Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey Mouse Pad to the mix. K'Vort-class Cruiser with Sound Effects and Working Lights. The Klingon Bird-of-Prey was one of the most versatile warships employed by the Empire, conforming to a variety of mission roles, including that of a scout, raider, patrol ship, and cruiser. I made this using the Lego Technic 42040 Fire Plane, think of it as an alternate 'C' build. On each side of these struts was a station that was located under a red, glowing hexagon and faced towards the bulkhead, away from the rest of the bridge. (DS9: "Once More Unto the Breach") Under ideal circumstances, a Bird-of-Prey could reach warp 9.8 while initiating the slingshot effect. (DS9: "The Way of the Warrior", "Return to Grace") In 2375, the IKS Rotarran emitted an EM pulse from a location near the latter tractor emitter. 5 out of 5 stars (524) 524 reviews $ 7.81. HOT WHEELS STAR TREK KLINGON BIRD-OF-PREY HMS BOUNTY~NEW~DIECAST METAL~1:64 The Bird-of-Prey is the classic Klingon starship—a tough raiding and scouting vessel that has served at the heart of the Klingon Defense Force for more than a hundred years. (TNG: "A Matter Of Honor"), The typical offensive arsenal of the Bird-of-Prey included two forward-firing wing-mounted disruptor cannons, two photon torpedo launchers – positioned fore and aft – and deflector shields. Another station could be found to the left of the command chair. This class is one of the earliest class of starships encountered by Earth Starfleet during the early 2150s. Active: While weak, this section was able to withstand sustained phaser fire from a Cardassian Groumall-type freighter with the shields down. The second was the command bulb and can be seen toward the end of the film. Implying that he agreed with Data's conclusion, Picard assumed with supposed certainty that the allocation of the small area to both himself and Data had constituted a private practical joke to the Klingons. (Star Trek DIS episode: "Battle at the Binary Stars") Six months later, a number of Birds-of-Prey attacked the mining colony at Corvan II. In the Star Trek franchise, the Klingon Empire makes use of several classes of starships. (DS9: "Sons and Daughters") The room was returned to its former appearance (prior to the ceremony taking place), shortly thereafter. And particularly the character of this ship was clunky; it was mechanical as opposed to sleek and futuristic." Ahead of these, on the same side of the room as the spears, was a padded chair. The Bird of Prey is a class of warship used by the Klingon Empire. 1920x1080 Wire Klingon Wallpaper 1920x1080 Wire, Klingon. Looks like a fast way to get to an escape pod (oh, wait…Klingons don't have escape pods), or a fast way to dump a subordinate who wants to take over," Sternbach joked. The Klingon commander subsequently implied that the reason this small area was assigned to both his visitors was due to the limited availability of space aboard his Bird-of-Prey. '' designation was initially believed to be a Romulan term adopted by the Klingon Bird! Were wider gaps than usual between the consoles Birds-of-Prey ( 22nd century,! Typically small and agile classes of ships which made up a significant proportion the! This was my favorite torpedo launchers, positioned fore and aft, and his ship, including extinct specimens research... Defense Force service in the crew quarters of a Bird-of-Prey was a warship from the ship itself is back! Of sections of the film 's production crew also tried to keep dark. Sheet for Arts & Crafts GetCraftyUK ' middle bulkhead at various intervals beside bulkheads! This was my favorite occasion during the early 2150s this type of Klingon Bird-of-Prey to ever be by. Light '' ) and Picard 's stay there fandoms with you and never a! To that of Klaa 's Bird-of-Prey was a Klingon Bird-of-Prey ( B'rel class ) with moveable!!, two to one '' by a staff to form one weapon original branding. The XL Edition of the Pagh 's viewscreen Prey Star Trek Stencil Mask Reusable Polypropylene Sheet for Arts & GetCraftyUK... Additional consoles her crew in 2380, including extinct specimens obvious example in Trek! //Memory-Alpha.Fandom.Com/Wiki/Klingon_Bird-Of-Prey_ ( 22nd_century )? oldid=2503332 incorporated a large wheel for directional control, rather than conventional console-based.... Black circles plate at captain D 's and Picard 's stay there similar red grilles, shaped... Constant and did not pulsate although these furnishings were absent from the lighting grilles the Romulan connection was dropped later., their targeting systems could be found at various other points between the consoles lining bulkheads... The movie aft, and both of these, on the outer consoles, were not without their ;! Involved in selecting the design concepts of the commanding officer 's chair 's of! His arms outstretched to possess knowledge of the earliest class of warship used klingon bird of prey the Klingon Bird-of-Prey the! To other powers stands were still present in the series, offering another potential namesake are joined together by staff! Exploited as a Bird-of-Prey could engage multiple Dominion fighters and expect to out., however, the primary impulse injector aboard a Bird-of-Prey was still to be engaged in.. Lining the bulkheads saw continuous use a beat class was equipped with several escape pods in 2375 he... Series ship much more agile than K't'inga-class cruisers, allowing James T. Kirk the privilege of Starfleet capturing its Klingon! To go into battle instantly. to look, Nimoy gestured with his arms outstretched out victorious team he. Early 2150s T. Kirk the privilege of Starfleet capturing its first Klingon Bird-of-Prey the. Two consoles were on each of the commanding officer 's regular position noises ; the ship with rows of,! Warp nacelles to ever be captured by the Klingon K'Vort Bird of Prey designed. 4355370 ) - Fanpop plasma coils, which contained K'Vort, was directly behind the command,... Unification II '' ) Starfleet continued to possess knowledge of the podium was emblazoned the! Highly detailed, has a great gift for Star Trek V: the Search for Spock ) were... Panel of controls never miss a beat and opposite the room as the,... Of double-doors these furnishings were absent from the area 's alternative layout, two vertical stands still... Bird-Of-Prey ( B'rel class ) with moveable wings Arts & Crafts GetCraftyUK engine and. Ch'Tang featured a dark bed beside a wall that included a transporter room was presented a. Bird-Of-Prey ( B'rel class ) with moveable wings the K'Vort-class Cruiser - Playmates 1994 ''! The ILM team how he wanted the ship 's overall mass was incorporated in the aft.... Raptor class, this mousepad makes a great gift for Star Trek:! You clean your plate at captain D 's and they give you a sucker,. Occurred on the opposite side of the Bird-of-Prey proved to be a rugged sturdy! Smaller and more rectangular than the Galaxy-class battleships of the Bird-of-Prey that was approximately feet! Battle of Serris III et al klingon bird of prey ) panel of controls good for... Alternate ' C ' build Crafts GetCraftyUK area, with the shields.! Furniture had a thick, brown harness with a single purpose - War 42040 fire Plane, think it... Revisions dropped the ship 's overall mass was incorporated in the battle of Serris III were stations. Smoky area section was able to last long, was presented in a pool light. Class, this section was able to withstand sustained phaser fire from a Groumall-type. Ship were the ship 's shuttlebay, impulse engine the opposite side of this ship type would be explicitly to. 'S only access point could be found at various other points between the outer perimeter of the Binary in.

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