Walk Ideas and Collections    GPS Waypoints for Walking    Navigation Tips at Ashgill Force The South Tyne Way provides the outbound route to Ashgill Force. The walk up to Cross fell is great. Greg's Hut is a stone-built shelter (mountain bothy) formerly a leadmining building but now adapted specifically for use by walkers as a refuge. England - North England - Cumbria - North Pennines. Even in fine weather Cross fell can attract a covering of cloud so it is essential that you have good navigational skills, an appropriate map and suitable equipment. x.type = 'text'; Meteorological equipment located on the fell has on occasions recorded wind speeds in excess of 100 miles an hour.Cross Fell at 2,929 feet is the highest point of the Pennines and is also the highest point in England outside of the Lake District. Cross Fell from Little Dun Fell Apart from a very long walk from Garrigill in South Tynedale on the Pennine Way most approaches to Cross Fell tend to come from the west. Walk #42: Dufton to Garrigill ZZ08 Hazel admiring the view on the climb up to Great Dunn Fell. On my list to do this year,setting off from Garrigill,route is up to Cross Fell & Great Dun Fell then back via Trout Beck & the Tyne Trail.. Just wondered if theres any difficult scrambling bits to be aware of going up to Cross Fell,not a lover of heights but i,m fine if theres not a huge drop off,i,ll be doing it alone so i dont want to add any risks.. Climb Cross Fell | Where2Walk Best where2walk.co.uk. var x = document.getElementById('password'); They have contributed 14 public walk reports including this summit. All the walking routes up Cross Home    Climbing up through the garland of scree wrapping around the flanks of Cross Fell, a beehive cairn marks Cross Fell is 893 metres high. This was a pleasant day's walk over Cross Fell. Very remote - never saw any other hikers all day. The walk from Garrigill near Alston is a 15 mile circular and although not the shortest approach (that distinction lies with the small village of Kirkland to the west) it is the most popular. Cross Fell is also classified as an English Marilyn (5th highest in England, 248th highest in the UK). This route from Kirkland is probably the shortest way. Cross Fell is also known as an English Nuttall (12th highest in England, 30th highest in England & Wales). I wouldn't repeat this walk. The summit is crossed by the Pennine Way. News    load all 31 walk photos from Walk c293 Cross Fell and Great Dun Fell from Garrigill, Send us your photographs and pictures from your walks and hikes. There is an open, cross-shaped stone shelter at the summit next to the trig point and from here a series of cairns guides you safely off the hill along the route of the Pennine Way, a reassuring aid if the cloud or fog descends. For help see Help. The Pennine Hills form the backbone of England and Cross Fell is their highest point. A couple of miles of fairly flat terrain follows before the South Tyne, fed by lots of small gills, sikes and burns, steadily rises to its source, where it emerges from a spring in the lower slopes of Tynehead Fell at a point marked by a large stone sculpture. Initially the path is hard-going, it being difficult to distinguish between boggy grass and mossy stream. Pack : Today I carried full camping gear. The three adjacent peaks form part of an escarpment that runs from the south-east to the north-west, with views to the west of the Eden Valley and the high peaks of the Lake District beyond, to the east the valleys of the Tees and South Tyne and to the north-west, the Solway Firth and the southern uplands of Scotland. The return is via a set of sheep fields. Walking Questions and Answers    Peaks and Mountains    You will also reach the summit of Little Dun Fell at 842m (2763ft). Long Man Hill is known as an English Nuttall (184th highest in England, 318th highest in England & Wales), Some Photos and Pictures from Walk c293 Cross Fell and Great Dun Fell from Garrigill, Bellbeaver Rigg (Tynehead Fell) from Tyne Head, Great Dun Fell and Little Dun Fell from the tall cairn on Cross Fell summit plateau, Waterfalls on Tyne Head near the source of The River Tyne, Small shelter on Long Man Hill with Great Dunn Fell, Little Dun Fell and Cross Fell in the background, The River South Tyne wearing it's autumn coat from near Hole House Farm, The Tyne Head Sculpture by Gilbert Ward marking the source of the South Tyne, The River South Tyne above Hole House Farm, . On the whole the walk is ruined by the last 6 miles of hardcore/rubble access track which is an absolute killer on the feet. Please enable javascript in your browser preferences). Another highlight south of Garrigill is Ashgill Force (walks 3,19,39,58 and 86). Fantastic views over to the lakes. The return leg (Part 2 of the walk) also starts with several miles of rugged moorland, but ends with a glorious wooded, riverside stroll along the valley of the South Tyne, in complete contrast to the openness of the fells. The village grew up around the leadmining industry which at its peak supported a population of over 1,000. The Hopkins National Trail Guide states about Cross Fell that "it may have taken two thirds of the day to come one third of the way", so we were relieved to only have to get to Garrigill, eliminating the time-pressure of four extra miles. The population today is nearer 200. To contribute to go4awalk.com or to contact us about anything at all - see Talk To Us. The golf-ball-shaped radar installation on the summit of Great Dun Fell was built in the 1960s and serves to support civil air traffic control over the North Atlantic. Cross Fell is the highest of the Pennines, its vast summit looking out across the Vale of Eden to the Lakeland mountains. Squat and grey, it blends into its surroundings but eventually I spotted it and decided to have a more sheltered rest. Copyright © 2000-2021 TMDH Limited. Be careful coming down off Cross fell as it is easy to lose the path. Your Stories    Starting from the south end of Garrigill, follow the Pennine Way signs all the way to Greg's Hut, an open bothy. Garrigill - Ashgill Force - Tyne Head - Great Dun Fell - Little Dun Fell - Cross Fell - Garrigill Garrigill lies in the remote Cumbrian valley of the River South Tyne surrounded entirely by high fells. Places to Stay    Those who live and work in the village are mainly employed in agriculture. From Garrigill the walk heads south, following the route of the South Tyne. “Cross Fell dominates the skyline in eastern Cumbria, standing guard over the Eden Valley to its West and is clearly visible from many Lake District mountains. All rights reserved. The ambitious walker can continue on to the Tees and follow this to its source way up on the slopes of Cross Fell (walks 18, 27 and 76). Walks    For help logging on, see Help > FAQs > Logging On. Walking Gear Guides    You can also submit photos via our Facebook Page. Cross Fell, Little Dun Fell and Great Dun Fell The next part of the walk follows the crest of the ridge for 3¼ miles (5 kilometres). Plotted with the plotaroute.com route planner. Re: Anybody Walked Up Cross Fell? Recent calls to the peak have included: assisting a runner with hypothermia, a couple who lost the path on Cross Fell in high winds and rain. Vital Statistics: Length: 20ml (32km) Ascent: 2,905ft (885m) Time: 10 … } Introduction: Cross Fell in the Pennines is the highest hill in England outside the Lake District at 2,930 feet (893 m), the highest point of the Pennines and therefore deserves a visit. Find new companions for walks in North West England. Competitions    Sorry, but your browser does not appear to be accepting our cookies. At its peak Garrigill was home to 1,000 people mainly employed in the lead mining industry, though its population numbers less than 200 now. Despite using the beam, only northern based stations were worked. It can be rather awkward to reach, involving some lengthy treks. Copyright ©1999, ©2021 Walkingworld Ltd. All rights reserved | Credits. Free example walks, See/Show Password if (x.type === 'password') { See Help > FAQs - Logging On for details on how to enable cookies in your browser. Product Reviews/Gear Tests    document.write('' + go4mailvariable + '<\/a>') //--> The first is the bridleway climbing out from Kirkland on a good track up … The walk carries on to intersect and cross the infant River Tees a mere four miles from its source, before tracking the almost entire length of the isolated Trout Beck, a major tributary of the upper Tees. 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