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Founded in 2013, ALMIGA Trade LLC has partnership agreements with many large producers in North and South America. Focusing on our main production we strive to provide best quality products with low prices at today's highly competitive market.

Wide Variety Products

As of now, we can offer to our clients a wide variety of frozen meat and fish/seafood products delivered to any part of the world. Direct contracts with Shipping Lines give us the possibility to obtain the best possible rates.


World Recognition

Every year ALMIGA Trade LLC participates at various food shows, such as: Brussels European Seafood show, The International Boston Seafood Show, The Anuga Food Show, China Fisheries and Seafood Expo in Qingdao, China


Many years of experience and recognized quality

ALMIGA Trade, LLC is your reliable supplier of frozen meat, poultry, fish and seafood.
Our people have hands-on experience in the seafood and meat industry. We understand the marketing and know our products, and we are sincerely interested in you and your business. We work directly with our customers on a personal level and making sure that the product we supply meet all the requirements of international quality standards. We will serve your company to build excellence and to put you on top of the ever growing food market.
Please feel free to contact us and discuss the opportunity to grow your business.

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